I hear you, and there is a


I hear you, and there is a prevalence of “laziness” in the video world that often is tolerated beyond reality. So I totally know where you’re coming from and the frustration you feel when that persistence shows up on forum posts. However, it behooves us as professionals with common sense, knowledge and expertise, and professional maturity, to try and admonish without beating somebody up.

Your posts often come across a bit “rude” and blunt, and that’s your style, but it just seems would be simpler to state the obvious in a more forgiving manner at times rather than alienate people coming into video by leaving the impression those of us who have run the gauntlet carry an attitude of superiority over “ignorant newbies” when we started somewhere at the bottom ourselves.

I’ve learned much from your factual input, however, and would prefer to hear what you have to say regardless of how sweet you sound πŸ˜‰

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