I haven’t seen the example


I haven’t seen the example you referred to above; however, I can envision what it looks like.Two ways to pull it off:

If none of the other people in the clip have to cross in front of the “normal speed” actor, simply lock the camera down, shoot only the subject at normal speed, then without moving the camera even the tiniest bit, remove the normal subject and shoot the other action. Then in post, use masking with your subject clip to layer it over a sped-up copy of the clip of the other subjects.

If you want walking/running action for your main subject, you could use a treadmill, greenscreening out everything but your subject. You wouldn’t want to show the feet (and might have to remove the treadmill handles or tape/paint them green. This would result in a “normal” speed clip of your subject which you would key-in over a sped-up clip of the other subjects. Again, you couldn’t have any of the secondary action passing in front of your subject, but that should be easy enough to control.

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