I haven’t given up complet


I haven’t given up completely on solving the slow burning. The hard drives connected to the card work normally so the transfer rate is high enough for the burners. Also, I set the fast burners to burn at 4x. The slow burners are also set for 4x but the actual speed is more like 1x. If I set the fast ones to 8x, I’m sure I can get more than 8-10 per hour.

By the way, the entire computer cost me $1400. A 5 disc duplicator costs about the same. Maybe a little less, but I can do ALOT more with this set up. It was definitely worth the try, and I wouldn’t consider it a waste of money. It does work. If your considering a similiar system, make sure to get a motherboard that has SATA connections for the hard drives, and 2 IDE ports on the board. My board only has 1 IDE, thus the need for the card.

Yes, my board supports SATA, but I have 2 older hard drives that are still good. Why waste them.

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