I havea PAL VG10 and a PAL


I havea PAL VG10 and a PAL VG20 (about 5 months with the VG20). I’m using them for interviews under soft lights so it’s not a particularly tough test for them (25fps and 1080p). I’m really pleased with the cameras and the product. I suspect they won’t come up to broadcast standards though. The VG 20 takes a little longer to learn but the controls fall easily to hand. I think some of the commentary I’ve come across on the VG20 is a bit harsh and more reflective of brand loyalty to Canon than rather than an objective look at the camera. I’d have no problem in recommending the VG20 as a good value product at its price point. I was interested to see a comparison with the FS100 which questioned spending the extra money of the FS100 in terms of picture quality.

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