I have Vegas 10 on an inte


I have Vegas 10 on an intel i7 machine, 16 Gb RAM. I use both the 1.5 Tb internal HD and a 1 and 3 TB external drives. No problem whatsoever. And my system screams. And it is all HDef. In fact I can watch playback in full HD most of the time unless I have some really intensive graphics, but still it is fast!

However, I do have Vegas 10 program on drive C and ALL data on separate drives. Sony and other experts are adamant on this. Not doing so, they say will slow the system down. In fact some even suggest to put the program on a separate drive and the data on a different drive. Have you done that? I don’t think you have a hard drive bottleneck, bit I might be wrong. Best advice. Take it to a computer professional who really knows their stuff and let them figure it out. Money well spent.

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