I have used Pinnacle Studi


I have used Pinnacle Studio 7, 8 and 9. For years it was all I knew and used. Studio does have a lot of good features and I like editing with it. It’s disadvantage is that each new version requires about a year to work out the bugs. Even though I have it, I won’t work with Studio 9, but Studio 8 is okay now.

But the best value by far is Magix Movie Edit Pro 2004 for $100. It’s almost never advertised here in the USA, but it is sold here, has many users and has been reviewed by Videomaker Magazine. It’s a very complete program that includes dvd burning and excellent audio features. The web forum is active and questions are answered quickly by knowlegeable people.

Magix MEP 2004 has so many features that it’s impossible to list them all. Even if you someday buy a more expensive program, you’ll still have use for Magix. The second cd is worth the price of the whole program because of its video clips, sound effects, video overlays and music.


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