I have used Pinnacle since


I have used Pinnacle since version 7 and in the beginning I had problems. Version 7 was unstable and extremely slow. Working through the hardware and softwareproblems did payoff with an editing machine today that works well with all of the different editing software packages that I use. The earlier versions had EIDE busissues.Reconfiguring my computer from EIDE bus to Firewire 400resolvedthe bus crash issues.Rendering was still slow until the Duo Core.

Pinnacle 11 is an easy to learneditor with many features for simple short editing projects. I still use it for our church service video and when I teach home video editing.I hope they have resolvedthe EIDE bus issues, I still use Firewire. For complex multilayer video projects I use Premiere.

I am considering Vegas Proafter watching an editor assemble a music video with it.Vegas has the intuitive interfaceof Pinnicale Studio with the features of Liquid and Premiere.

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