I have used Pinnacle for y


I have used Pinnacle for years… started windows movie maker but wanted something “more advanced”. I was low on cash so found a clearance version of Studio 9 and bought it. I had some trouble with it at first but finally got it to run, and run it did. I have since stayed with the program all the way to Studio 11 Ultimate with ProDad and Soundscrub, very nice. I have yet to have a problem with the latest version an my system is 2-3 years old. I have used it for family, school, and sports projects without trouble. I now have a little more cash but am afraid to change programs because of the learning curve. I won a verson of Adobe Elements, usingthe Pinnacle software to edit thevideo that won the contest, and have struggled with that program ( not the software )duetothe learning curve since I installed it. It is not very intuative even with the book for reference. If you were doing something like Night line or Musicals maybe a more advanced program would be helpful, but if you are just starting out give it a try. You can now download a stripped down version to try for free http://www.videospin.com.

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