I have used Avid, Vegas an


I have used Avid, Vegas and Premier and I have found Premier to be the easiest to use.
Plus – and I thought I would not need it but I do and it is a big help- you can get Photoshop Elements if you buy them as a bundle for $150 or less.
It is easy to use and you won’t outgrow it anytime soon.

This is just my two cents but I think Vegas and Premier are the best Windows based NLE out there.
Avid is good but costly.
Vegas is not as easy to use as Premier plus you are very limited in the number of tracks you get unless you buy to top of the line Vegas.
Premier will give you 99 video and 99 audio tracks I cannot think about using that many tracks but you never know!

You can download free versions of each of them and try them out before you pick the one you like best.

I hope that helps you.

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