I have used a couple


I have used a couple different capture interfaces, the Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro being one of them. Video files I've imported ( captured ) with the Pinnacle gadg are readable directly in Adobe CS4 and CS5 without conversion. The Adobe software also has a capture function which should allow you to import directly from the camera into PremierPro ( by way of the interface box ). I can't imagine why a conversion 1) would be needed between Pinnacle and PP, or 2)  that it would be a function which would be so intensive as to be accomplished in " real time ".   One of the things I like so much about PP is that it accomodates a wide range of camera codecs specifically WITHOUT the need for transcoding, unlike FCP which seems to need to transcode nearly EVERYthing! I don't know the Sony camera you're using . . . .  maybe they have a proprietary codec which isn't easily digestable by PP?? There are A LOT of snares and pitfalls in the Video jungle and you're certainly not the first to experience hardware incompatability, if indeed that's what is at foot here.

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