I have two GL2s that I use


I have two GL2s that I use in weddings to supplement my XL2. For the GLs I use a BeachTek adapter which accepts XLR connections. The Beachtek connects to the tripod mount on the bottom of the cam and the tripod plate connects to the bottom of the Beachtek. I use Azden shotgun mics mounted on the cams wired to the Beachtek. It makes for a compact setup, lightweight and very mobile with very good sound. You can use two mics on each cam with this setup. Also, using the beachtek lets me wire one cam to the house mixer for direct line input which gives a little better control over audio.

I used the setup like you described at one time, but found the Beachtek solution from bhphotovideo.com a better solution for me. Like I said, less stuff to lug around and actually a little better quality. As a side note, using a small analog mixer seemed to give a little more of the analog hiss to the higher frequencies of the audio than I liked. I don’t seem to have that using the Beachtek.

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