I have two DSLRs I use for


I have two DSLRs I use for work, I HATE the look of the video they produce. My work needs anything but shallow depth of field. In my book, shallow DoF is the enemy as I work in lower light levels, from a distance normally. Personally, I use shallow DoF for occasional effect, or emphasis. It’s a damn nightmare, even with good glass which luckily, I have. No idea what you mean about a cheaper camera stabiliser?
I’m talking about decent quality pan/tilt heads and solid legs. I like very steady pans and tilts. I hate jerky starts, and that awful creep back you get at the end of a movement with a cheap head and legs, as you remove the panning pressure, the pan stops, and then as you let go the handle, the twist in the legs, moves it back. Even with a lightweight camera you need proper support. Video quality is never an extra feature. If I had limited funds, then it would absolutely be a black magic camera – I’ve nearly bought one three times now, but hired from colleagues. Do you have to go DSLR? If not, plenty of nice proper featured cameras (as in proper audio, which DSLRs suck at) with either integral lenses or taking pro lenses for variety.

I can’t help with DSLRs because they’re not on my shopping list at all.

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