I have tried the bullet DV


I have tried the bullet DVR and was not pleased… the jacks are cheap and don’t lock with the connectors well at all.. plus video quality was lousy when I finally got it to work. The XM-DVR Pro is the way to go for me.. it records two full D1 video channels NTSC or Pal at up to 10mbps each, and the unit takes 2 CF cards so you can keep recording on the 2nd one after the first fills up or set it so each camera has its own CF card. I have used it for snowboarding and surfing videos and I can’t really tell a difference between this and Mini-DV quality.. DataToys.com works with you to figure out everything you need and does all custom orders. They use shielded cables and screwing waterproof locking connectors.. IMHO this is the best product in the price range. I’d put my XM-DVR Pro up against any higher priced ‘professional’ unit any day. This thing is bulletproof.

DataToys XM-DVR Pro

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