I have to totally agree wi


I have to totally agree with Hank here — I’ve been doing web development/programming, whatever for over 10 years and I am not one who is overly worried about stuff like this.

Another scam I don’t see mentioned much is when you bid for an item and lose — your ebay id is visible by others and after the auction closes you are contacted by someone acting as the seller. The story is usually the winning bidder couldn’t come through and since you were a losing bidder, was wondering if you are interested before it goes to auction again. Oh, and the seller may be out of the country for a few days and will be doing business from the UK or spain or something like that. I almost fell for it a year ago.

When it comes to big ticket purchases, I leave that to sellers I know I can trust. Ebay is great for accessories, cases and the like, but leave the most important item in your video equipment to someone you know you can trust.

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