I have to say there IS som


I have to say there IS something a bit funky about the GL2, and other Canon models, where this happens, and it isn’t always the battery connection itself. I’m sure you’ve tried this but maybe try it again:

When it happens to me on MY GL2, I firmly re-close the window, but first I give just a tiny nudge to the “push” marked spot on the inside tape carrier basket – nothing harsh, just a gentle nudge. Then, after closing the cover firmly, I push the eject button a bit firmer than usual, letting it hang a moment at the end of its movement before letting go. So far this has worked for me everytime.

Two things: As you’ve suspected the battery occasionally could be not making good contact and turning the camera on will confirm if there’s any juice at all going into the system; also there is a remote possibility that the tape has managed (this time) to wrap around something in the tape path and you have a more serious problem. But (knock on wood) I’ve not encountered THAT particular problem in many years now using my GL2. I usually run a tape head cleaner through it at least once a month, or every 4th or 5th gig.

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