I have to disagree, If I take


I have to disagree, If I take the bike from their property, I have stolen it.  If the Bikes owner has brought the bike out in public for his own promotion and monetary gain (exploited it) and left it there for all to look, hold,ride etc for his own gain, Then he is at the mercy of the people to not borrow it, ride it,look at it etc.  I am not re-recording it, mashing it..(another subject), altering it it any way or form to make monetary gain from them. I get paid the same whether their music is playing when I tape or not.

Like I said earlier, Its a lawyers playground and I doubt any attorney will take the case for the playing of 15-20 songs. And one more thing, Almost all of the songs are cut off either in the beginning or the end unless they run into each other so they arent actual full plays. AM radio does this all the time..called bumpers.

again, just my opinion..

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