I have to agree with the p


I have to agree with the previous 2 posters that Pinnacle sucks. Having said that, you have to get this out. If your 2 cameras are not the same, then there is a high probablity that the colors are not calibrated and it will be very noticble that they were shot with different cameras. What I would do if I were you, and thank the Gods I am not, I would use the lesser camera shots in some special effects mode such as sepia or something that would be so different that if would look like it was intentional. As far as your cuts…fade or whatever, just try different variations until you get something that you can be happy with. I know that you can figure this out because as videographers we are a different breed and we are extremely resoucefull. I have faith in you, brother (or sister – I’m thinking brother). These type of problems and solutions are a rite of passage and I know you will make a great production. Let us know what you do. We are all students and learn from each other – regardless of our expertise.


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