I have to agree with Q …


I have to agree with Q …Earl, that was an extremely well written post. You provided me with a ton of info. I know that there are lots of books and such out there and of course I’ll be doing lots more homework, but I can’t read all of that in one night.But I can reada couple of post on a website or two. You gave me the cliff notes…real stuff too,direct from the field, not just theory from a book. Man that was a lot of info. I have a MUCH better understanding of the”meat and potatoes of wedding videography” now.

Q,I appreciate your post too.You added some good food for thought.

My nextquestion is this…after asking around, it seems thatphotography prices average more than the cost ofvideo at least for weddings. Any idea why? Just curious. I would think peopleexpect to pay the same at least and sometimes more, but like I said, the girls that I’ve asked about their weddings allexpected to pay more and did pay more forphotographs compared to video. Nothing against the photogs… I used to do photography, and I still think it’s cool, but I like video better.

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