I have to agree with iakin


I have to agree with iakinnz. One of the biggest issues I have with the Flash card mania is that you lose a tape backup. I am not sure if the camera companies are trying to keep camera prices down by not including tapes or what. However I think it costs us more in the long run. Sure, you save 5 or 10 bucks on a tape, but then how do you archive footage. Say buy a $100 HD and put it in the closet and what happens when your HD crashes the day after you download critical footage. Maybe I am showing my age, but I really like to be able to open my storage closet and pick a tape by shoot or day and recapture it.

For quality between MiniDV and tapeless it is really all a matter of the quality of the camera you have purchased. They all have pro’s and con’s and unless you have a really high-end camera they all have some sort of compression built in. I would spend more time looking at the bit rate, color sampling, depth and so on.

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