I have to agree with camca


I have to agree with camcam about the audio. I’ve been shooting the choir concerts and musicals at my local high school and I can tell you from experience that the sound students make mistakes. Lots of them. Like forgetting to turn on a mic to the wrong volume level.

I use the cam mics but I’m going to get a wireless mic to place on stage. I also provide the school with a flash card to record straight from the mixer. Then betweenboth (soon to be 3)audio recordings, I can usually fix the dead spots.

As for the video, well I’m a total amateur. I use consumer cams (Sony D8 and Panasonic G85) and I leave everything on auto. I havethe Sonycam set to spotlight and I almost always have equal video. But I don’t recommend it as I often have focus hunts to deal with. But in my case I don’t have time to focus 2 cams. I work alone and only started doing this as a fundraiser idea for the performing arts department.

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