I have to agree, but i had


I have to agree, but i had a different prob with it, first, they wouldn’t let me use it ( even though i paid for it at the store ) until i went to their website and ” unlocked it” then, every 3 minutes a pop-up would freeze my comp right in the middle of an edit. when i would click to close it I got a NASTY waring: you AGREED to take our survey… and would not be able to continue until i typed something in the field, so i wrote: can’t reply to your survey because i can’t use the software because you %$*^(( s interupt me every 3 minutes, I then unistalled it…or so I thought. my comp kept bugging out, and i found a bunch of the pinnacle stuff in various folders all over the hard drive…took a trip ( que scary music ) the d.o.s command line it nuke it all. I use Magix now, which isn’t perfect, but at least got some vids in the can.

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