I have this happen on occa


I have this happen on occasion to. It just comes down to a timecode error on the tape and there is nothing you can do about it.

I use a separate (cheap) camera (Samsung cheapo) to download my tapes (so I don’t wear out head on expensive Cams). Sometimes, this problem will occur on one camera (Cheapo cam) so I will put it in another camera (Sony VX2100) and it will get hung up on the same spot.

Sometimes, it just happens. Just fastforward a couple seconds past that scene and continue capturing from there.

What I’ve done a couple times is to use WinDV(free app) http://windv.mourek.cz/ on PC and download the video to PC in AVI then just transfer it to the MAC.

Usually when I do this, the timecode does not error out. I think because this program isn’t so timecode oriented like FCP is. Either way, it works. If all else fails and you absolutely must have the 1 or 2 seconds that it is skipping.

Good luck

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