I have the same problem an


I have the same problem and to add to the problem, I am still organizing the keyboard. This is my solution. Open the keyboard control panel and once you have the keyboard organized, the way you want it, hit the print-screen key on your (physical) keyboard. Then open a photo editor, like MS Paint or Paint Shop and then paste. Crop out the part that you want to use and then past it again. With MS Paint, the picture size (attributes) will increase automatically to allow for the image you want to paste in so start with a small picture size.

Then save that picture and then import it or just paste it in to MS Word or some other word processing program. Here you can resize the picture and orient the page. You can even arrange multiple pictures on a single page; one of your source viewer one for your timeline/master view, your clip viewer, Time warp editor and so on.

I like showing each keyboard that I use:

Open Avid > edit > control panel > keyboard properties > print screen > MS Paint > Cntr+V (paste) > crop > Cntr+A (select all) > Cntr+C (copy) > Word > Cntr+V (paste) > resize (for each keyboard arrangement) > then print.

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