I have the same challenge.


I have the same challenge. One route is to cut out the battery box from any ol’ electret lavalier mic, and this will sometimes allow you to lengthen the cable up to 30 to 35 feet. I’ve had success with several mics this way, and they rarely pickup RF interference. (other than near the powerful TV or Radio broadcast antennas) For the past year I have had GOOD success with an XLR adapter box for my Panasonic GS500; the device never has failed to adapt audio from any house mixer board, cheap PA systems, laptops etc. since it has both line and mic. level inputs. HOWEVER I have been tortured by some very weird electrical interference at least half the time, when using XLR microphones on a 50 foot XLR cable. I got rid of all cases of RF interference by clamping on multiple Ferrite beads from Radio Shack. But there is some WEIRD and very loud hum/buzz in many cases (it seems always, when the speaker is near, or operating, a laptop, or perhaps, involving the house light dimmer. I hate this!!!! How can i stop it? It sometimes seems to be a body-effect. It is NOT a garden-variety ground loop since my cam and XLR box are on batteries. And my microphone is NOT contacting the other equipment.

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