I have the original 1Dx and


I have the original 1Dx and chose to add a C200 rather than go to the mkII. I've considered the XV15 as a second video camera but quite a few owners complain about its poor image, small sensor and fixed lens. The main argumant for the C200 is the internal raw capture. That will get you as close as possible to the flexibility you enjoy with raw still files. FCPx, Davinci Resolve and Premiere all now process Canon raw light files natively. They feature 12bits of luminence info, no color subsampling (they are not debayered), and a 1Gb/sec bit rate. The downside is that at that bitrate, they are big files that fill cards quickly and require storage later. So if you do long form recording (weddings and docs, for example) you will want to use the internal mp4 or mkv recording.

If you are likely to get serious with video, don't go the DSLR route. I did for a while and it is painful. Having well thought out external controls is a big advantage over a menu system. Having motorized built-in ND filters is much easier than lens mounter filters. Having XLR inputs and 4 channels of 24/48LPCM audio means you don't need an external recorder (or recordist, or synch in post). Finally, ergonomics do matter.

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