I have the JVC 5000 and do


I have the JVC 5000 and do live streaming with Tricaster 40
– soon i will require HD and have borrowed a HD camera to combine with for certain shoots – and yes you can tell the difference –
I have been told my broadcast is awesome on 51 inch screen –
mostly though viewers look on a phone

i have a grass valley canopus converter from the old days with my Panasonic DVCPro which i still use often – i do not switch the SD cameras to stretch screen cause that looks dumb – you can watch a captured broadcast at City of Powell River Webcasts – http://www.powellriver.ca/content/webcasts

i understand the lack of $ in the buy column of budget – but try not to be so poor that you are settling for a SKODA when a perfectly good VW Rabbit waits around the corner or an older Audi with no miles on it –

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