I have the full Varizoom k


I have the full Varizoom kit and I love it. I had a weight problem like Compusolver but they make a $20 kit to make the flowpod use a camera up to 9 pounds. So dont give up on it Compusolver just search for the XL-1 kit on varizooms site it adds weights to the flowpod to make it work with larger cameras (not necisarily the xl-1). Also bogen makes a quick release plate for about 50 bucks that you can put on any of these stabilizers so that you dont have to rebalance everytime(as much anyway). But is it worth it yes although personally after using the body brace that came with my kit (and the steadicam that my school had) I would have to say I wouldent use it without the body brace. Which would bring the cost up to at least 1400 bucks. Depending on which one you went with. I am sore after using it with the brace. I could imagine putting all that weight on my fore arm. With the vest I love it. I use it at work and in my own films and it is invaluable as a production tool. Its hard (but not impossible) to get these kind of shots without it.

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