I have the FloLight 3 ligh


I have the FloLight 3 light “swat” kit I have started using at receptions. I LOVE it and I will admit I paid about double their current pricing for the set, and it still was worth every penny.

I had a LitePanels (still use it) before I got the flolight kit. For power, the flolight singly beat the litepanels hands down. I use the 3 lights, typically one on the camera and 2 on light stands I also ordered from flolight. I ALWAYS ask the couple before hand if it is alright if I use the lighting if needed. So far no one has refused it and no one has complained. This kit IS BRIGHT though when using all the lights so stretching the stands to their highest really helps when flooding is needed. It is great for lighting up the head table during speeches, and using them as strong point lighting for the first dances. Being able to shoot a very dark dance with 0dB gain or less is victory in my book. Added to the fact that they use my Sony batteries for my camera, they are extremely portable.

I have 2 large PortaBrace 2750 cases housing my cameras, a large duffle bag with accessories/tape etc, the 3 light stands , a backpack that currently holds the lights (when I replace the foam in my camera cases there will be room for the lights), 2 Manfrotto tripods, and occasionally my laptop that I can load onto one small handtruck and I can get in to any reception site just fine. I usually park my cart over by the DJ.

I often find the photographers hovering around my lights as it is quite helpful for them as well. About half wonder where they can get a set like that.

Don’t get me wrong, the litepanels is not useless. I use it for closer up lighting when you are “running and gunning”. But the litepanels are NOT floodlights by any means.

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