I have the exact same prob


I have the exact same problem with action movies – oddly enough, they all turn into comedies. Part of the reason is the jokes. I make bad puns all the time and theyweave themselves into my scripts. The best I can say for that is keep working at it.

About the friends who are bad actors,I have the same, except that they make bad jokes too and then it turns into a comedy even more. Maybe you could get friends who make bad jokes. It usually works for me and my “comedies”. Part of that is the script too. On my last film, we used some actors from the nearby University studying acting. They were really good and they did it for free because they were getting class credit for it. (The film ended up a horror/mystery which is cause for rejoicing, because it’s the first film I did that didn’t end up a comedy!)

Good luck. I feel your pain.

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