I have the disk that came


I have the disk that came with the camera. Two things. So bare with me here.

1st: (on my MAC) It installs a Quicktime plug-in, I’m guessing so that it can be viewed within Quicktime. Of course Quicktime does not recognize the file extension, otherwise I would not be asking the question here.

2nd: (on my PC) When I install PowerDirector 6, my only problem with using this software is that it takes SOOO long to re-render the TOD clip to an MPG clip. This is what I’m trying to avoid. The whole re-rendering thing. Not to mention that my dad’s PC isn’t a super PC. It’s good, but not that good. The minimum specs for the software areridiculous.

Question: Is there a way to use PowerDirector to simply convert the video file or simply strip the TS from the file and quickly re-encode it as an MPG?

This is for my father and I need it as simple and with the least amount of steps as possible.


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