I have the D800 which is t


I have the D800 which is the same as the 200 except the 800 has a 4″ LCD.

1) When playing a Digital8 cassette with burned-in time code is there any way to switch to CTL time in order to calculate the TOTAL running length of the tape?

I never thought about it that way but I don’t think the 8mm format has a CTL track? But it must count something when playing an analog recorded tape? What is wrong with FF to the end of the tape or until the time display quits counting? That last count should be the length of the recorded portion on the tape.

2) When playing Video8 or Hi-8 (without burned-in time code) is it possible to reset the CTL counter to zero? I’ve tried the reset button on my wireless remote but it doesn’t do the trick. As far as I can tell, the only way to do it is to eject the cassette and re-insert.

That is the only way that I know of? But I haven’t done very much of that so I may have missed something?


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