I have the Canon T3i and


I have the Canon T3i and loved it. But… it's vastly different from using a camcorder, so be aware. The same will be true of the Sony or any HDSLR for that matter. HDSLRs are just different animals.


I would avoid the T3 if you plan on really shooting video unless your budget is extremely limited.


I always tell people two things – good lenses can be used on a variety of cameras for years. And a tripod is forever. Buy these things right the first time and you'll never have to replace them. Canon makes good lenses, even if their cameras aren't always cutting edge.


But back to your question – If you have the money, the T3i is noticably better than the T3. You'll likely be offered an 15-55 and 55-250 lens option. That break at 55mm is a total pain which causes you to switch lenses a lot. It's what I have, so believe me, total pain. The 55-250 is actually a pretty good lens, so don't get me wrong there. I like it. But the new 18-135 STM is a more versitile lens, way better focus, and better than the 18-55.


The T5i has autofocus and a touch screen which is way cooler than it sounds. Combine that with an 18-135 STM and you'll be SO happy you did it. a friend of mine just got that at my recommendation and is completely happy with the money spent on it.


I just bought the Canon 70D and am in love with it. It's a brilliant camera. But if you're looking at the T3, I'm guessing the 70D is out of your budget range. If you can spend a bit more, you'll be very happy you did.

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