I have the AG-DVC30 and co


I have the AG-DVC30 and couldn’t be happier. It is a very versatile piece of equipment with an incredible Leica 16X lens. The optical image stabilization works flawlessly and the image quality will compare with anything else out there. The electronic viewfinder is color and very sharp and it has an LCD flip-out viewer that is larger than Sony’s.

It has fewer readily-accessible user adjustments than the Sony — for example, you can’t have manual focus and manual zoom at the same time — but the zoom is so fast (full wide to full tele in one second) that I’ve never felt limited by that.

The zoom has a progressive rocker switch that permits very slow travel — full wide to full tele in something over a minute, which is also available on aftermarket handle-mounted external zoom controls. There is a handy user-definable function to return the zoom to the previous setting at the touch of a button.

The XLR adapter will produce either stereo or 2-track mono audio. My Panasonic condenser short shotgun mic works great and I’m sure a Sennheiser would work equally well.

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