I have the 17″ and has the


I have the 17″ and has the Express Card Slot. It is funny thou, when I picked my MacBook Pro out, trying to decide which size to get, I didn’t even consider if it had an Express Card Slot, because I didn’t know that I needed it, so I got Lucky on that aspect. When i talked to the company, Data Robotics about the Drobo, the Lady was like oh you need the Drobo S, because it was made for people working in Video. So I then asked if I needed any other Hard Drive, she was like no, you can just use the Drobo S for everything. That is funny, because sometimes I don’t think these sales reps have all the knowledge out there that they need to know about their products. I trust you Rob more than what she said. That is good to know about the Drobo thou.

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