I have taped in bad weathe


I have taped in bad weather – often from the safety of my garage (we face west – where the storms often come from here in Florida).

When I was shooting stills, I would take my SLR, put it in a heavy duty plastic bag, screw a UV filter onto the lens plus an eye cup onto the viewfinder from the outside and use it like that, with my hand inside the bag for focus and shutter.

For video, for rain, they sell stuff like this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/726835-REG/Camera_Duck_CDWS_VB_VEX_Video_Camera_Duck.html

If you need more than that – look at underwater housings – which are VERY expensive, but sometimes they have less expensive models, rated to something like three to six feet that can be affordable (unless you intend to bring it down deep, in which case, go for the Ikelite).

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