I have Soundbooth, but I d

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

I have Soundbooth, but I don’t even bother to open it, I use Cubase LE 4. Although its a music production software with main functions in recording audio and MIDI tracks, it works incredibly great for editing audio. I do all my audio editing there, the interphase is easy to use and it allow multitracks. Cubase lets you edit audio from a video, but in this LE version you need to convert the audio from the video to .wav, import it to Cubase along with the video and link them together. Kind of troublesome, but for the purposes it works (More high end Cubase software lets you import video directly) When I had a Windows computer I used Audition and from what I can remember it was easier to apply filters compared to Cubase. In Cubase you need to spend some time adjusting many parameters for the audio to be better, compared to Audition which the filters default settings works extremely well.

For recording guitar, violins, piano, etc I recommend Cubase because its easy to set a recording session with a Presonus Audio Interphase (I have an AudioBox USB) and among others. I recorded my friend playing piano by making a MIDI track and I could change the musical instruments directly in Cubase. Now, like I said in the beginning, Cubase is a music production software, if you need to work with audio at a more professional level with more exporting options, Audition is the one to choose. I’m happy it will come to MAC this winter, check it out. (I might consider it for 2011)

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