I have some experience in


I have some experience in this area. I have found that working for friends can be done (most of the time, not always), but it makes the situation more difficult and tricky. Jack (earlier answer) made a lot of good points. One point I would definitely underscore is that you work for ‘some cost’ to the client. Even if it is a small amount. You need to assign a value to your work so that the client assigns a value to your work! If you have one set package price – for no matter how long the project takes, or worse – no price at all, the change requests will never end! You will never be finished with the project – they can keep coming back for more free changes forever – and you will feel obligated to do them! You may decide to charge by the hour, or set a package price with the contract or terms of what the client gets for the package price. Changes beyond the stated terms can be made, but come at an extra cost. Then the client will be in the same place as everyone else in life – if I want more, it will cost me more! That brings the situation into a place that is more reasonable for both parties (both sides have ‘skin in the game’). If you don’t set some terms and costs, the project will eventually end with hard feelings and regrets on both sides…

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