I have several GL2s and vi


I have several GL2s and video just about everything and anything. When it comes to weddings, they do a nice job but there are a few things that you have to pay attention too. Learn and always use the manual settings because leaving everything set to auto will not give you the best results that the camera is capable of. Make especially sure that you have the white balance set correctly. You can create a lot of work for yourself in post if you are not careful. Outdoors should never be a problem. These cameras shine there. The higher than average optical zoom range they come with is very nice too. Thats pretty much why I selected to get these instead of some other brand. When it came down to making my original decision, I came to the conclusion that I shoot more outdoor stuff than indoor.

Indoor use such as weddings is a different issue. They are not the best low-light cameras out there. 99% of the time, this usually only comes into play at receptions where it can get rather dim sometimes for videoing. Your result can look somewhat grainy. If it does seem a little dark, you would need to help the cause with some auxiliary on camera lighting, which usually does the trick.


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