I have set up weekly produ


I have set up weekly production meetings – Mostly it’s just me & the director, but we get a lot done. Last couple of them were more like editing 101 – 802 tutorials. We went through simple editing tasks like color correction all the way through rotoscoping & compositing and into selective color keying and such – We also briefly touched on additional plug-ins like Red Giant’s Movie Looks.

One of my favorite roles (if not the favorite one) is the actual editing – Luis Maymi signs off with “The meaning of a movie are the characters, the life of the movie is the music, but the magic is in the editing.” and having been the writer and audio guy & editor I can see the truth in this. Picking songs out of StackTraxx or SonicFire Pro can be both challenging & enjoyable, as can character development, but “the magic is in the editing”.

For the first time EVER, I decided last night that with all the “extra” stuff on my plates, I will accept an offer from one of my director’s friends to be (gulp) a first assistant editor, moving some of the simpler but time consuming tasks from my stack of dishes to her plate.

Wolf also tells us above that “filmmaking is much more involved than most ‘one-man-bander’s’ are prepared to handle.” Now I know why Hollywood features have separate folks for all these jobs!

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