I have recorded a couple o


I have recorded a couple of christmas pageants/concerts for an elementary school, and we have sold the DVDs for about $7 as a fundraiser. Fortunately, I had a lot of equipment that I had access to so I could expand the operations a bit.

For the choir, I placed 4 handheld microphones on the floor on 2′ tall mic stands. As we are talking about 4′ tall kids, the gact that the mics were near the floor had minimal impact on the sound quality. for the play/musical portion, I placed 3 boundary mics at the front of the stage to assit in picking up the dialogue. I did a 2 camera shoot. The primary camera was set up at the back of the house was considered a low end professional camera. For the second camera, I placed it on one side of the house, fairly close to the stage, and I used a Canon Optura mini DV cam. As a backup, I recorded house sound using a shotgun microphone, and I can say, that I simply used it to provide a very slight ambiance noise, and the stage microphones sounded MUCH MUCH better.

Talk to the school coordinator, as they may already have the microphones that they will be using, and you may simply be able to tap into the house audio system.

We did not use any supplemental lighting, just what was on the stage. It was somewhat dark, but it was not terrible (again, this is an elementary school production).

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