I have record backup audio

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

I have record backup audio to my computer using (believe it or not) a handheld mic pointing directly at the speakers of the venue I’m recording. This had save me dozens of times when the camcorder audio just don’t work. Also, when possible, I try to connect a direct line to the audio mixers of the activity to get near perfect audio. I use my Macbook Pro with an Audiobox USB, one XLR with the handheld and the other with the direct line. This may not be the most professional solution around, but it really works and the best thing is that the handheld mic with a wind screen doesn’t get as much wind noise as other mics (also you can block the wind by sealing the mic inside a cardboard or something else). I also have used a cheap Radio Shack lavalier mic with this method and it records a wonderful ambient sound. Of course, you will need someone monitoring the audio at all times, checking if the audio clips (which always happens) and you will only be able to capture the sound that comes out of the speakers. That when having a good wireless lavaliers comes to play.

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