i have recently came into


i have recently came into a simular problem not an over all pricing but pricing for greenscreen editing

I noticed its starting to hit my pockets but its not doing that when i do shoots in natual locations it when i do a green screen, between the rendering and editing green screen footage it makes the edit process brutal. i charged 400 for a 5 minute music video but i was editing green screen fotage on both of my macs for about a total of 18 hours in doing that pushed back a couple of my other projects i was working on baically what im asking is does anyone have advice about the editing of greenscreen and should i charge a put up and tear down fee

i have a big arsonel of equipment also that is all paid off becasue of military duties

equipment i have

canon T2I mulitple lenses

Canon xha1

steadicam with vest and spring arm

8-12 foot crane



tripod dollies

green screen set up




a 20 inch imac with fcp7 and 13 inch macbookpro with fcp7and pc with sony vegas and sony music studio

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