I have read trade publicat


I have read trade publication after trade pub – They all say that higher paying IT related jobs in the US are on the decline.

If you compare the Sunday NY Times classifieds you can see this – The IT related jobs ten years ago were ten pages long (literally!) – Now they don’t fill a full page.

I used to get calls from headhunters (IT recruiters) three-four times a week – Now that’s down to once a month or so, all requiring the latest skills (I have lots of legacy stuff but not too heavy on latest technologies) and when they hear that I wouldn’t consider jumping for less than $100K (make more than that now – remember I have 31 years into this) they have a heart attack.

If you are in college now, go talk to one of the career counselors they have – Also, you may want to speak to a local recruiting firm and ask them what’s hot now and what they expect to be hot five years from now.

Computer Software Engineers are one of the hot jobs of last couple of years but they are on the decline. Computer Software Architect is hot right now and will be through next year (maybe longer – who knows). Database Admin’s will always be able to find a job, their pay is declining however as more folks go that route and the job itself is starting to get offshored. Network folks get OK money and the good thing is that it requires a lot of hands on (which means you have a hard time offshoring) but again, lots of folks are going into that and soon supply will outstrip demand. If I had to choose one area to specialize in that would see me through the next ten years it would be computer security (attacks will always be increasing) and this area is still fairly new.

All of this is my opinion and based upon my observations – I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV – Your mileage may vary.

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