I have read post after pos


I have read post after post and posted a couple on this topic.
There is another site I read for news and will be joining soon.

WEVA (http://www.weva.com/) has a whole news section and is also helping the videographers with innovations.

The website I have listed below is something new they just began a couple months ago. But the good thing is that you don’t have to be a member of WEVA to take part in it.


This site is collecting copyright rights for a library of popular songs. To break down the way it works:
1. They contact the various companies ASCAP/BMI/etc. and apply for copyright usage, then post the song when it has been approved for use.
2. The songs in their library can be used for pretty much anything aside from commercial productions. But it is centered around Wedding and Event videographers.
3. You must purchase a package of points where each song is worth 1 point.
4. You can use a song in 25 copies of the same video. (but not in 25 different productions). Below is a list of FAQ on Zoom licenses.

100 Credits costs $495
200 Credits costs $878

There are discounts for WEVA members.

While this is not the most inexpensive way to do it, it is certainly the most legal. And their library is fairly vast.

Hope this helps.

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