I have noticed an increase


I have noticed an increased decline in Videomaker. It’s hard, if not impossible to find the magazine on the book shelves anymore, The zine is smaller now and they used to do more video on the site. Now it’s just a tips video.

Makes me wonder if Videomaker will be around much anymore. With the problems with this forum and the apparent lack of attention to the problems, it is not encouraging. It’s sad.

The video market is exploding and more people now can afford extreme high end camcorders and equipment to make very good video. A magazine like Videomaker should be growing, not collapsing. People are hungry for information to make better video. Things like UTube and others offer an audience once only dreamed of.

I do hope Videomaker gets it together and improves their image and presence on the net and in print.

This forum has the potential to be the largest community for videographers anywhere. Unfortunately all these issues are spelling the doom of a once great resource.

It’s time to address these issues and start building a real community.


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