I have no idea if it will


I have no idea if it will work. But you should look at this on a moral level.

If you are just playing with it, or are a student doing work for a class, or just on your own for no profit or intent of profit. Id say it’s fine to use a crack. I have done that myself in those situations, and anyone who has grown up in this era has to.

But if your a pro who is going to be sending this to festivals, or to make any tipe of profit on here or in the future. You really should just buy it and forget the upgrading at this point.

If you where using Adobe Premiere and a student, id tell you to get the student edition. cause that is like 350 at my Uni book store, and you can get the production pack for like 599. so you get an amazing deal getting the pack instead of just premiere. and you can upgrade it for the cheaper price every cycle. Not so with Final Cut. Student Editions can’t be updated.

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