I have never heard of havi


I have never heard of having to strip a tape because there might be dust on it. I have no experience with this.

i guess its okay if you are only doing it once. If you do it repeatedly then you are just wearing out the tape.

I was just always taught, don’t turn off the camera.

Oh, and another thing:

Why would you need a market for something you can do yourself?

Thats like asking for a market for labeled tapes with your name on them. you can do it yourself, so why pay for it?

Compusolver: how did you lose a shot?

I would assume that while you shoot you are keeping a shot log.

Even if you didn’t have a shot log, you would shuttle through the tape later preparing an EDL before you even get to capturing.

You don’t need to worry about losing shots if you are organized.

If you are scared about timecode breaks not letting you get a clip than use AVID. AVID can have it’s pre roll custom set. So you can set your pre roll to 1 second then it will capture.

This usually eliminates the break problem since it will start capture almost immediately.

I am relatively new to this forum but i find myself agreeing with steve.
I think it is a bunch of old wives tales.

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