I have never gotten a good


I have never gotten a good explanation of what frame mode is on that camera. If I remember correctly, the manual says it’s so you can analyze your video frame by frame. So I’m guessing it’s some attempt at imitating progressive scanning video, although I’ve never read anything stating that it’s truly progressive. So I doubt is.

I used to use that camera in high school to shoot sports after school ever day. So I assure you that shooting in “Normal” mode is just fine. It’s just good ol’ 60i.

As for the aspect ratio, whoever told you shooting 16:9 is bad for sports doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Your aspect ratio doesn’t make something easier or harder to shoot, it’s just simply a different option. So shoot whatever aspect ratio you want.

Technically, 4:3 is the better option because the GL2 doesn’t natively shoot 16:9, but no one will notice any degrading of the image if you shoot 16:9.

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