I have just tested a simil


I have just tested a similar device, Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150 (DVC150) – its specs are here http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ProductPage_n.asp?Product_ID=1426&Langue_ID=10 – the NTSC version. It was a pleasant surprise: full CCIR resolution (720×480) at 30 fps and a bitrate of 6 MBps (well sustained by my WD Caviar JB drives), and no flicker whatsoever nor framedrops.
If I find the PAL version, I’ll buy it.
I also got an offer of a Pinnacle Miro DC10+ board (you must know it), quite a bargain (150 euro). It’s much better quality than the Dazzle (duh!) but I hear they have stability and driver issues under Windows XP.
I’m still in doubt, if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.

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