I have good news for you!


I have good news for you! Macs are very easy to learn. Also they handle all of the things you have listed very easily and for most people even better than the windows equivelents. I wish you would have said that you had used premiere before because it is much more like Final Cut (which I assume you will be using if it is an avid setup then premiere would not have made the trasition much easier) As far as music creation every mac comes with garage band (a music recording, mixing, and looping tool) which if you search the internet about it many music people buy macs just because they cannot get this software on the pc. Also Soundtrack Pro comes with Final Cut and is a great Pro level sound recording and editing tool. If you need even more Pro tools is of course available as well as apples Logic. Chroma Keying is just as easy as in Vegas. After effects is better though but for an elementary school you probably dont need that level of effects. I got my first editing/graphics job at a place that only uses macs and I hadent touched one in 10+ years and was very proficient by the end of day 2. Now I plan to never use anything other than a Mac ever again. No viruses,no spyware, great platform for editing and graphics.

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